Vegetation Invasion!

I apologize for the dramatic headline but what I’m addressing today is important.  The fire department is appealing to all residents and property owners to keep their driveways and private roads clear of tree limbs, brush, and other obstacles.  Two of the fire departments’ fire trucks (the ones that respond to fires) are 10′ tall and 9′ wide.  Our Rescue vehicle that responds to medical calls is not as tall but is just as wide.  Sometimes the driveways are so narrow, the sides of the trucks are scraped on both sides while backing down to a house to help a person in distress.  This makes it almost, if not impossible for the driver to see the person guiding him.  Going down some of the driveways we have seen could cause costly damage to the trucks.  Large over-hanging tree limbs and trees that have been allowed to grow on the shoulder and sometimes in the road may prevent a truck from going down a private road or driveway.  Warning lights, rear-view mirrors are particularly prone to damage.  Like your cars, the trucks are not cheap to repair.  Please help us help you.