Woods Fire on Willis Point Road

It was 6 PM on August 13th, last Sunday afternoon when I was called by a property owner who had smelled smoke and found a woods fire on a neighboring lot. I called 9-1-1 and had my department paged out to respond. While on my way to the scene, I had the Dispatch Center also page out neighboring town fire departments to provide water, manpower and trucks to help us put out the fire. The fire was relatively small (1/2 acre) but it had burned deep into the undergrowth. Two and a half hours later, 39 people, 8 fire trucks, and about 7,000 gallons of water, the fire was out and we were returning home.
Our thanks go to to the Wiscasset, Edgecomb, Alna, Dresden, and Newcastle Fire Departments for all their help on that Sunday afternoon away from their families.

Checking out results of overhauling the fire
Applying foam to all exposed and surrounding areas to make sure the fire is out


Boat Saved in Jewett Cove

On August 8th, at 9:30 AM, we received information from the County Dispatch center that a boat reported was taking on water in Long Cove on the South-East coast of the island.  The department responded immediately and with the help of Harbor Master Bud Gallagher, and assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard, Boothbay Harbor, ME, we located the boat (it was actually in Jewett Cove, the cove just to the south of Long Cove).  By the time we arrived with de-watering pumps, the boat only had about 2″ of freeboard left before it would have capsized and sunk.  Following successful de-watering, the immediate cause of the flooding could not be determined, so again with the assistance of Harbor Master Gallagher and his boat, the craft was towed over to Robinhood Marina in Georgetown where it was hauled out of the water on a travel lift.  All Fire Department Personnel and assisting parties returned safely.


Cold & Flue Season is Almost Here

Now is the time to think about the upcoming winter season.  Please have your chimney cleaned and inspected.  This could reduce the possibility of chimney fires which has been known to spread and burn the whole house down.  It also may be easier to schedule a chimney cleaning service to come to your home now instad of later.