Just Pausing For a Minute….

I’ve just finished sending out “Thank You” letters to those people who have responded to our donation letter campaign and donated to our fire department recently. As I was addressing the letters and envelopes, I was struck by how many people who contribute live in virtually every corner of our country. I took particular notice of some of the addresses that came from the Houston/Gulf Coast area, and Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas that have faced or will be facing disasters of their own. But not only people from the East and Gulf coast in harms way, but the families out west who are confronting unheard-of wild fires up and down the West Coast are facing their own disasters.
I want to thank everyone again who have donated to our Fire Department, but I also want to thank those who have supported and donated to those families as well. Our prayers go not only to the disaster victims, but the First Responders and Rescue personnel as well.

Robert “Bob” Mooney
Fire Chief