What to do with Engine 1?

Westport Island Neighbors,

The Westport Volunteer Fire Department is faced with a dilemma and we would be grateful to hear your opinion.  We are forced to make a decision about what to do with Engine 1.

You may ask “What’s so special about Engine 1?”  Engine 1 is the first firefighting vehicle the WVFD purchased as brand new.  It was ordered and built in 1963 and is a Ford 600 with a Maynard fire truck Body.  The cost was $7,000.

Before it can be allowed on the road again it will cost $1,400 in repairs to make the truck pass State Inspection.

There are  a number of considerations before we make a final decision.

  1. First, should the WVFD invest in the truck for the benefit of being driven occasionally in a local parade? It has not been capable enough to be considered a viable firefighting vehicle for years.
  2. Second, we currently don’t have the space in the firehouse to store the truck. Multiple attempts to solicit off site storage have not resulted in anyone willing to donate indoor space. Covered outside storage will cause the truck to deteriorate beyond any residual value .
  3. Third, museums want trucks that were manufactured prior to 1940 or those with significant historic pedigree.
  4. Fourth, Engine 1 is a piece of Westport Island history, and the WVFD is anxious to understand how the townspeople feel about the truck.

We have been  contacted by someone who is interested in the truck for limited use for possible fires.   The WVFD, as firefighters, would prefer to see the truck serve some useful fire fighting purpose.  The Westport Volunteer Fire Department’s Board of Directors has not made a final decision yet.  They want to advise the Town Selectmen and you, the community, to see how you feel about the situation. We are very grateful for your consideration and  opinion. Please e-mail the Department at [email protected]  Thank you.

Robert Mooney

Fire Chief